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Here you will find some useful information and links on photography.
Simple Photography Instructions    This is a short e-book I wrote explaining the basics of photography. I was motivated to write this short book after explaining many times to friends the basic concepts of photography and I finally got round to putting the information in this document, I hope you will find it helpful.

Simple Photography Instructions (Serbian)

Gamma Correction (link)         The way your monitor displays images might be incorrect. This is a useful link to gamma correction. I personaly use the Monitor-Calibration-Wizard

Software and Image Processing  Further Information !

HDR      High Dynamic Range photography is a technique which combines a number of images with dirrerent exposures to crate a single image with more dynamic range that is normaly possible witha single exposure.
Here is an example:

Original three Pictures

HDR image

Some people like to increece the contrast in the image as part of the HDR generation, which can look artistic, or un-natural, or interesting ? Info-coment. Example

Notice how unatural the sky looks !

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